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Table 1 Domains and themes regarding antibiotic prescribing for acute bronchitis

From: Primary care clinicians’ perceptions about antibiotic prescribing for acute bronchitis: a qualitative study

Domain Theme
Contemporary views on acute bronchitis guidelines and antibiotic prescribing 1. Antibiotics are not indicated for acute bronchitis, but antibiotics are overprescribed
Barriers to guideline adherence 1. Perceived patient demand for antibiotics
  2. Lack of accountability or feedback about prescribing
  3. Time and money
  4. Other clinicians’ misconceptions about acute bronchitis
  5. Diagnostic uncertainty and defensive practice
  6. Clinician dissatisfaction with not meeting patient expectations
Methods to reduce antibiotic prescribing 1. Patient handouts and other educational materials
  2. Quality reports
  3. Clinical decision support
  4. Pre-visit triage by nurses
  5. Over-the-counter prescription pad