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Table 4 Results of the principal component analyses

From: Measuring patient-perceived continuity of care for patients with long-term conditions in primary care

  Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4 Factor 5 Factor 6 Factor 7
Eigenvalue 5.52 1.96 1.76 1.41 1.23 1.19 1.01
Have an on-going doctor-patient relationship (2A)* 0.52       
Get appropriate referrals (2J) 0.73       
Trust a recommended specialist (2M) 0.728       
Trust my Doctor (2O) 0.714       
Doctor knows about my family members (2D)   0.654      
Doctor knows about family problems (2 F)   0.827      
Doctor explains things to me (2G)   0.597      
Care for all problems (1H)    0.589     
Would provide care if going to hospital (2K)    0.788     
Would provide care in an emergency (2L)    0.759     
Past medical problems (1B)*     0.64    
Medication (1D)     0.55    
Care improves with provided continuity (1F)*     0.64    
Waiting for own doctor (2I)*      0.86   
Doctor would know me on the street (2N)*      0.52   
Unrelated medical problems (2B)*       0.72  
Personal problems (2C)*       0.83  
We go to different doctors (1A)*        0.51
Medical problems doctors not know about (1G)*        0.69
  1. *Denotes items removed following Reliability Analysis.
  2. Values below 0.5 have been suppressed and missing values were excluded listwise.
  3. Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis. Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalization.
  4. Rotation converged in 12 iterations.