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Table 1 TIRRE dimensions of research readiness

From: Defining dimensions of research readiness: a conceptual model for primary care research networks

TIRRE model of research readiness
1 Data readiness (micro level)
This will assess the current state of data held within the practice.
a What data
  i. Scope of data recorded
  ii. How held (distributed or centralised)
  iii. Single or multiple systems
b Interoperability
  i. Denominator data, - demographics, - unique identifiers
  ii. Coding system
  iii. Data quality – metadata Linkages – lab
2 Record system readiness (meso level)
a Type of record architecture – encounter based, problem orientated,
b Data extraction method (e.g. local or central)
c Extract type
d Health-system-wide initiatives for data extraction (e.g. CPRD, GPES)
3 Organisational readiness (macro level)
a Legislative and regulatory compliance readiness
b Health system readiness
  i. Organisational structure
  ii. Local issues or service configuration that might inform data availability
  iii. Other studies which may involve the target patients/subjects of research
c Socio-cultural readiness
  i. Types of studies that the data provider finds acceptable/is allowed to participate in
  ii. Other factors that might influence local data
  iii. Language within records
4 Study readiness
a Quality of relevant data
b Demographic and other data including access to laboratory and imaging res