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Table 2 Patients' opinions of the Community Link service

From: Facilitating access to voluntary and community services for patients with psychosocial problems: a before-after evaluation

Measure Item N Negative % Positive %
Client Satisfaction Questionnaire How would you rate the quality of the service you have received?a 75 17.3 82.7
  Did you get the kind of service you wanted?b 75 30.7 69.3
  To what extent has our program met your needs?c 75 50.7 49.3
  If a friend were in need of similar help, would you recommend our program to him/her?b 75 10.7 89.3
  How satisfied are you with the amount of help you received?d 75 24.0 76.0
  Have the services you received helped you to deal more effectively with your problems?e 75 32.0 68.0
  In an overall, general sense, how satisfied are you with the service you received?d 75 22.7 77.3
  If you were to seek help again, would you come back to our program?b 75 21.3 78.7
Community Link Evaluation Did your referrer give you enough information about the service?b 75 30.7 69.3
  Did the GPCMWH give you enough information about the service?b 74 2.7 97.3
  Did the GPCMHW understand the kind of support you wanted?b 73 12.3 87.7
  Did the GPCMHW suggest any services?f 72 0.0 100
     If yes, did the services the GPCMHW suggested match your interests?b 68 7.6 92.4
  Did you make use of the services?f 71 42.3 57.7
     If yes, are you still going?f 35 40 60
     If yes, were they relevant to your problem(s)?b 34 14.7 85.3
     If yes, did they help with your problem(s)?b 34 17.6 82.4
  Did you receive a telephone call from the GPCMHW 2–3 weeks after you last contact with them?f 65 4.6 95.4
     If yes, was it useful to hear from the GPCMHW?b 60 13.3 86.7
  Was the amount of support given by the GPCMHW about right?b 71 12.7 87.3
  Was the amount of contact you had with the GPCMHW about right?b 72 12.5 87.5
  Overall, do you feel better than you did before you saw the GPCMHWb 71 28.2 71.8
  Would you use the service again?b 67 10.4 89.6
  1. aAnswer categories: poor, fair (category: negative), good, excellent (category: positive)
  2. bAnswer categories: no, definitely not; no, not really (cat.: -); yes, generally; yes, definitely (cat.: +)
  3. cAnswer categories: none of my needs have been met, only a few of my needs have been met (cat.: -), most of my needs have been met, almost all of my needs have been met (cat.: +)
  4. dAnswer categories: quite dissatisfied, indifferent or mildly dissatisfied (cat.: -), mostly satisfied, very satisfied (cat.: +)
  5. eAnswer categories: no, they seemed to make things worse; no, they didn't help really (cat.: -); yes, they helped somewhat; yes, they helped a great deal (cat.: +)
  6. fAnswer categories: no (cat.: -), yes (cat.: +)