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Table 2 Themes, Major and Minor Categories

From: Clinician perceptions of factors influencing referrals to a smoking cessation program

Theme Major Category Minor Category
Procedure Ask/Identification forms (flowsheet, encounter form, chart intake, history, problem list)
   process (initial interview, annual physical, for chronic disease or respiratory infection)
   staff (nurse, physician)
Procedure Assessment interest in quitting
   risk of disease
Procedure Advise/Assistance/Arrange stage of change
   Follow-up visit
Barrier Provider Provider Characteristics (forgetfulness, program knowledge, fear of "badgering" patient)
   Practice characteristics (type, staff turnover, lack of billing code)
   Patient characteristics (desire to quit, insurance type, addiction)
Benefit Quit line Program Single source for referral
   Personalized attention
Barrier Quit line Program Provider Characteristics (lack of reminders, lack of feedback, only for one type of insurance, lack of advertising)
   Patient Characteristics (comfort with program, short term solution, insurance type)
Procedure Satisfaction Good (identification, assessment, advise)
   Poor (assistance, arrangement, follow-up)
Motivation Provider Individual (family death, concern for own health, patient care)
   Program (ease, one referral, feedback)
   General (healthcare costs, good medicine)
Motivation Patient Cost
Incentives Provider Physician responsibility
   Code for patient education/prevention