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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of Chest Wall Syndrome (CWS) versus the other conditions causing chest pain

From: Chest wall syndrome among primary care patients: a cohort study

The six most discriminative clinical characteristics of CWS Logistic regression Odd Ratio (IC95%)1
Pain is  
   - not squeezing nor oppressive 2.53 (1.21–5.28)
   - localised on the left or median-left part of the chest wall 2.28 (1.58–3.28)
   - well localised on the chest wall 2.10 (1.37–3.22)
   - non exercise-induced chest pain 1.58 (1.00–2.49)
   - influenced by mechanical factors2 1.54 (1.06–2.24)
   - reproducible by palpation 5.72 (1.20–5.28)
  1. 1 Clinical factors significantly associated with having a CWS were identified in univariate analysis then introduced in a multiple logistic regression
  2. 2A movement or a body position