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Table 2 Relations between GPs' views on different aspects of sick-listing

From: Views on sick-listing practice among Swedish General Practitioners – a phenomenographic study

Responsibility for sick-listing and rehabilitation Sick-listing commission Sick-listing practice ID
(3a) Passive (1a) Patient- certification (2a) Issuing a certificate C
     Patient- certification    Issuing a certificate J
     Patient- certification    Issuing a certificate N
(3b) Protecting    Patient- certification    Issuing a certificate P
  (1b) Patient- rehabilitation (2b) Changing work situation B
     Patient- rehabilitation    Changing work situation G
     Patient- rehabilitation (2d) Holistic view ** Q
(3c) Authoritative (1c) Society (2c) Changing life-style M
     Society (2b) Changing work situation L
(3d) Supporting (1b) Patient- rehabilitation (2d) Holistic view ** T
  (1c) Society (2b) Changing work situation F
     Society (2d) Holistic view ** O
  (1d) Integrated *    Holistic view H
     Integrated    Holistic view R
     Integrated    Holistic view S
(3e) Empowering (1b) Patient- rehabilitation    Holistic view K
  (1c) Society    Holistic view D
  (1d) Integrated *    Holistic view E
     Integrated    Holistic view A
  1. (1a) etc. refers to view 1a etc. as numbered in the text.
  2. ID = physician identification
  3. * Integrating society's as well as the patients' interests into one sick-listing commission.
  4. ** Sick-listing as exploring and taking as many aspects as possible into account, i.e., work-related factors as well as life-style.