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Table 4 Reasons for using and stopping CAM treatments.

From: The use of CAM and conventional treatments among primary care consulters with chronic musculoskeletal pain

Ways participants introduced to CAM n (%) Reasons for using CAM n (%) Reasons for stopping CAM n (%)
Recommended by a friend or a relative. 55 (47) I like to try anything that may work 62 (53) I finished the treatment course 39 (27)
Prescribed, or referred to it, by a health professional 35 (30) I was referred to it or it was prescribed for me 29 (25) I don't think I need it anymore 13 (9)
Media (TV, radio, newspapers, Internet) 27 (23) I find that it helps me in general not just for pain 23 (20) Cannot afford it 6 (4)
Literature 10 (9) I believe in it 22 (19) It caused me problems or side effects 6 (4)
Practice it/involved with it 10 (9) Other treatment caused me problems or side effects 2 (2) I heard of a bad experience with it 1
     Not available where I live 0
     My doctor advised me against it 0
Other ways* 22 (19) Other reasons* 19 (16) Other reasons* 79 (55)
Found it in a shop   Brought in by a relative   Didn't help 40
Local advertisement   Compatible with birth sign   Only use it when I need it 31
Previous experience   Suggestion by others   Not practical  
Family experience   Persuaded by evidence   Caused more pain  
Experience at vet use   Natural product   Staining  
Workshop   Carried on, don't know    
Health farm   Family experience    
Own initiative   Has no side effects    
Practitioner is a friend   Previous experience    
The gym   Heard its good    
Social class   Recommended in a magazine    
   Thought it may work    
Total 116 Total 116 Total 144
  1. *These other ways/reasons were not included in our lists and were offered freely by participants. Items are listed in a descending order according to how commonly they were mentioned.