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Table 1 A list of treatments addressed in the study.

From: The use of CAM and conventional treatments among primary care consulters with chronic musculoskeletal pain

Treatments included in interview list  
CAM Conventional Additional CAM treatments reported by participants
1.Aromatherapy 26.Muscle energy techniques 1.Ultrasound 1.Exercises
2.Homeopathy 27.Therapeutic touch 2.Vitamins 2.Heat therapy
3.Magnets 28.Alexander Technique 3.Joint injections 3.Heat cream
4.Copper bracelets 29.Massage Therapy 4.Occupational Therapy 4.Biocomfort
5.Evening primrose 30.Phytodolor 5.Operations 5.Dog oil
6.Reflexology 31.Osteopathic manipulation 6.Podiatry 6.Glyco-nutrient
7.Naturopathy 32.Electrotherapy 7.Psychotherapy 7.Honey & vinegar
8.Feverfew extract 33.Chondroitin sulphate 8.Aspirin 8.Cold pack
9.Blackcurrant seed oil 34.Glucosamin 9.Celecoxib 9.Geranium & eucalyptus
10.Ayurvedic herbs 35.Lifestyle program 10.Co-codamol 10.Reiki
11.Borage seed oil 36.Minerals 11.Co-codaprin 11.Swimming
12.Devil's claw 37. Weight loss program 12.Co-dydramol 12.Dowsing
13.Ginger 38.Active release technique 13.Co-proxamol 13.Electrical massage
14.Thunder God Root 39.Myofascial release 14.Diclofenac sodium 14.Florid acid
15.Acupuncture 40.Soft tissue mobilization 15.Ibuprofen 15.Lavender oil
16.Acupressure 41.Biofeedback 16.Indomethacin 16.Singapore balm
17.Tumaric 42.Guided imagery 17.Mefenamic acid  
18.Hypnosis 43.Pilates 18.Meloxicam  
19.Energy Healing 44.Prayer 19.Naproxen  
20.Fish oil 45.Relaxation 20.Nefopam  
21.Willow bark extract 46.Tai Chi 21.Paracetamol  
22.Meditation 47.Yoga 22.Piroxicam  
23.Pet Therapy 48.Hydrotherapy 23.Rofecoxib  
24.Chiropractic 49.Chelation   
25.Craniosacral Therapy 50.Serums