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Table 1 Examples of research projects supported by PHCRED funded bursary and writing grants

From: Bursaries, writing grants and fellowships: a strategy to develop research capacity in primary health care

Type of funding Examples of research projects
Bursaries Evaluation of a nutrition intervention at child care centres in South Australia
  Involving consumers in the health system. Support and training need – a consumer perspective
  The 'Food and Move' Project. Promoting healthy eating and physical activity in a secondary school setting
  Well Women's Health Program for Aboriginal and other women living in a remote community
  Effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions for fatigue: a systematic review
  The effects of Tai Chi exercises on arm lymphoedema and fatigue in women post-mastectomy for breast cancer: a pilot randomised controlled trial
  Stroke patients who aspirate thin liquids – a comparison of current and emerging practice
  Acute Transition Alliance: rehabilitation at the acute/aged care interface
Writing grants Impaired glucose tolerance: GP knowledge, attitudes and practices
  Essential medicine explained: providing medical information to consumers
  Breastfeeding in public: improving community attitudes
  Obesity management in general practice
  After hours presentation in South Australian rural hospitals