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Table 1 Use of various adherence aids in 289 adults with diabetes

From: The use of adherence aids by adults with diabetes: A cross-sectional survey

Adherence Aid Number %
I use a day-of-the-week pill box 143 49.5
I put my pills in a special place that reminds me 117 40.5
A daily event (a meal, TV show, bedtime, brushing my teeth) reminds me 50 17.3
My family or friends remind me 27 9.3
I check off my medicines on a list 12 4.2
Someone gives me my medicines each time 10 3.5
I move the medicines from one place to another 9 3.1
I use an electronic pill box or dispenser 4 1.4
I mark a calendar or diary when I take my medicines 3 1.0
The pharmacy makes special packets of pills for each time I take my medicine 3 1.0
I set a timer 3 1.0
I leave a note for myself 3 1.0
My pager beeps to remind me 2 0.7
I move my watch or jewelry from one hand to the other 1 0.4
I receive a phone call to remind me 0 0
Any one or more of the above 231 79.9
  1. 37% of subjects reported using more than one adherence aid.