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Table 2 Analysis of free text comments about the specific missed appointment

From: Reasons for and consequences of missed appointments in general practice in the UK: questionnaire survey and prospective review of medical records

1. Misunderstanding and mistakes 36
By family member 2
By patient 14
By practice 20
2. Illness or personal circumstances 28
Self 17
Family 11
3. Forgot 26
No reason/excuse 17
Waited too long 2
Pre-occupied/distracted 7
4. Other commitments 9
5. Other 23
Overslept/late 6
Resolution of symptom 5
Not doctor of choice 2
Travel problems 2
No idea/don't know 3
Unclassifiable or blank 5
  1. N: Number answering particular item; n Yes: number answering yes; CI: confidence interval a No evidence for this when medical records reviewed for those who provided consent.