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Table 2 Close to practice

From: A framework to evaluate research capacity building in health care

Structural level Examples of suggested criteria
Individuals and teams • Evidence of clinical expertise and 'hunches' within the research questions and projects
• Examples of critical thinking used in practice
• Evidence of patient centred outcome measures in projects, and impact of project on patients' quality of life, including social capital and health gain.
• Use of methodologies that are action orientated
• Use of methodologies that include cost effectiveness approaches
• Evidence on level, and nature, of service user involvement
Organisational • Evidence of informing research questions by gaps in knowledge at an organisational level
• Measurements on a culture where research is 'valued, accepted, encouraged and enjoyed'.
• Evidence of managerial support/involvement on research projects
• Evidence of supporting service user links in research
Supra-organisational (networks and support units) • Evidence of research questions being developed with practice, needs and priorities
• Co-ordination of research programmes between health organisations and university
• Development and use of outcomes measures useful for research and practice
• Development and use of cost effectiveness methodologies
• Action research orientated approaches undertaken
• Development of service user panels