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Table 1 Summary of RECEPTS methods, setting and data collected

From: Receptionist rECognition and rEferral of PaTients with Stroke (RECEPTS) study - protocol of a mixed methods study

Setting Method Data collected
UoB (telephone call to General Practice) Unannounced simulated patient telephone call Receptionists response to stroke symptoms
UoB (telephone call to General Practice) Voice recording Record the General Practice out-of-hours message
General Practice Questionnaire (anonymous) Receptionist demographic data.
Receptionist knowledge and planned response to stroke and a variety of other symptoms
General Practice Focus Groups Receptionist views on their role in the triage of patients and their views on training for receptionists
General Practice Interviews The views of other Primary Care staff on the role, skills and potential of reception staff
  1. UoB, University of Birmingham.