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Table 2 Training sessions and staff, by practice

From: Aiming to improve the quality of primary mental health care: developing an intervention for underserved communities

Practice Training sessions Attending first session Attending final session
A 2 GPs (briefly), practice nurses, health practitioner, receptionists, administrative staff (19 in total)1 Practice manager, administrative staff (11 in total)
B 5 GPs (4), nurses (2), receptionist (1) Administrative staff (3)
C 1 GPs (7) (one session)
D 6 GPs (2), practice manager, administrative staff (5) GP, practice manager, practice nurse, medical students (2)
E 1 GPs (5), nurses (1) receptionist & administrative staff (7), practice manager (one session)
F 5 GPs (2), practice manager GPs (3), practice manager
G 7 GPs (5), practice manager, practice nurse, Receptionists (8) GPs (3), practice manager. Practice Nurse, Counsellor