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Table 1 Questions and prompts used in interviews (the first three questions were used in focus groups)

From: Why is tractable vision loss in older people being missed? Qualitative study

Questions Prompts
Eyesight tends to get worse as we get older. How do people know when to get their eyesight checked? Explore experiences of visiting opticians –
Why do some people put up with worsening eyesight more than others? • what made you decide to go to the optician? (reminder letter?)
Do you think sight loss is an unavoidable part of getting older? • how often do you tend to see an optician?
Have you ever spoken to your GP about any problems you have with your sight? • How often do you think you should see an optician? (if discrepancy with response to above, ask why this is)
• how easy is it to see an optician (finding an optician/booking an appt/access)
• how useful was the appointment?
• what was the result?
• did you follow their advice? –if not, why not?
• were you referred to your GP or the hospital?
• were you offered any special spectacles or magnifiers?
• was there any financial impact? (NHS help?)
Explore as above:
• what made you decide to go to talk to your GP?
• how useful was the discussion?,
• what was the outcome?,
  • did you follow their advice? –if not, why not?