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Table 2 Characteristics of the participating GP networks in the EURO SENTIMELC study 2009-2010

From: Nationwide continuous monitoring of end-of-life care via representative networks of general practitioners in Europe

  Belgium The Netherlands Italy Spain
Coordinating institution Institute of Public Health NIVEL Institute Italian Society of General Practitioners Directorate General of Public Health
Founded in 1979 1970 2009 1988
Years of participation in EURO SENTIMELC study Since 2004 and ongoing Since 2005 and ongoing 2009 and 2010 2010
Participating regions Country wide Country wide Country wide Castilla y León (north) and Valencia (south)
Number of GP practices and general patient population coverage +/− 200 GPs (+/− 170 GP practices) Covering 1.75% of the total Belgian population +/−59 GPs (in 42 GP practices) Covering 0,8% of the total Dutch population 149 GPs participating in 2009; and 94 GPs in 2010 Covering +/− 3-4% of population per health district +/−114 GPs covering 3,5% of the total +18y population in Castilla y León; and 59 GPs covering 2,2% in Valencia
Representativity of the GP network in the country Representative of all GPs in Belgium in terms of age, gender and geographical distribution, and also of the GPs in the Northern (Dutch-speaking) and Southern (French-speaking) regions Representative of all Dutch GPs in terms of geographical distribution and urbanization, age and gender Representative of all GPs in terms of age and gender in all 9 health districts participating (distributed in all of the four Italian statistical macro-areas) Representative for the 2 participating Sentinel GP Networks: Castilla y León and Valencia, in terms of age, gender, urbanization and other geographical variables