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Table 3 Association between spontaneous cure and baseline culture among women willing to delay antibiotic treatment

From: Women with symptoms of uncomplicated urinary tract infection are often willing to delay antibiotic treatment: a prospective cohort study

  Cure Improvement No change Deterioration Total
Baseline culture positive 4 3 2 0 9
Baseline culture negative 8 5 5 1 19
Total 12 8 7 1 28
  1. The table shows the association between clinical cure and baseline culture in women who were willing to delay antibiotic treatment and did not use any antibiotics during the following week. The result of the baseline culture was known only after the follow-up period of one week.
  2. In total, 28 delaying women did not use any antibiotics. Of these women, 20 (71%) reported clinical cure or improvement. Of the eight women who did not report cure or improvement, two turned out to have had a positive baseline culture.