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Table 1 Activities regarding sickness certification

From: Quality of sickness certification in primary health care: a retrospective database study

Year Regional National
2004 Regional Social Insurance Medicine Committee One day education in Social Insurance Medicine for physicians held by Social Insurance Offices
2005 Regional co-operation group; Stockholm County Council and regional Social Insurance Office  
2006 Sick-listing audit1) Economic agreement between the government and the Federation of County Councils during the period 2007-20092)
2007 Regional sick-listing agreement between Stockholm County Council and regional Social Insurance Office3) National sickness certification guidelines
   New form for sickness certification
  Quality parameter project4)  
  Educational activities regarding national guidelines  
  Regional sick-listing recommendations5)  
2008 Sickness certification audit1) Changes in social insurance regulations
  Education addressed to intern and resident physicians  
2009 Various educational activities Information from Social Insurance Office regarding changes in Social Insurance regulations
  1. Activities regarding sickness certification in the Stockholm County Council (regional) and national activities and changes in the social insurance legislation and administration (national).
  2. 1 Medical audit with registration of patient cases by physicians and development of action plans to improve the quality of sickness certification practices.
  3. 2 Demands regarding activities to increase the county’s accountability with a pecuniary reward dependent on the outcome of regional sickness certification.
  4. 3 Measures to be taken to meet demands in the national agreement.
  5. 4Co-operation with other Swedish counties to establish quality parameters regarding completion of sickness certification forms.
  6. 5The Regional Social Insurance Medicine Committee’s rules of conduct regarding sickness certification.