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Table 1 Characteristics of included GPs and PNs

From: Barriers, facilitators and attitudes influencing health promotion activities in general practice: an explorative pilot study

Practice (N=17) General practice (N=8)*
Health care centre (N=8)**
  Therapeutic centre (N=1)***
Function (N=25) GP (N=16) PN (N=9)
Gender (N=25) GP Female (N=8) PN Female (N=9)
GP Male (N=8)
Working status (N=25) GP Part-time (N=6) PN Part-time (N=8)
  GP Fulltime (N=10) PN Fulltime (N=1)
  1. *Presence of GPs and PNs.
  2. **Presence of GPs, PNs and several disciplines such as physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists and social workers.
  3. ***Anthroposofic health centre: presence of (Anthroposofic) dietician and physiotherapist.