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Table 1 Summary of the qualitative framework analysis process applied in this study

From: Parents’ and clinicians’ views of an interactive booklet about respiratory tract infections in children: a qualitative process evaluation of the EQUIP randomised controlled trial

Stage Process
Stage 1: Familiarisation Familiarisation with the data was first achieved by reading through all transcripts.
Stage 2: Framework development A thematic framework was developed based on the main research questions and the main themes arising from the data. This is an index of categories or themes that is used to classify the data, and is usually arranged hierarchically. The initial coding framework was modified a number of times following discussions with the research team and during the coding process.
Stage 3: Indexing Thematic codes were applied to all of the data which allowed data to be sorted, organised, and grouped.
Stage 4: Charting Data coded by theme were retrieved and summarised in a chart. Each cell then contained a summary of how that theme applied to that participant and / or an indicative quotation from that transcript.
Stage 5: Interpretation The final stage involved interpreting the data by drawing inferences and pulling together relevant themes.