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Table 2 Skill set for a dementia case manager in primary care

From: Designing a complex intervention for dementia case management in primary care

Attribute/skill Desirable or Essential
Hold a relevant qualification for their discipline E
Basic IT skills, knowledge of local IT systems and experience in recording information electronically E
Interpretation of medical and nursing records E
Communication skills, particularly with difficult topics (diagnosis itself, prognosis, BPSD, continence, anxiety) E
Person-centred (respects autonomy), non-judgemental attitudes and values E
Awareness of confidentiality, family dynamics, adult safeguarding, sensitivity of financial issues, taboos (e.g. continence) E
Skilled in maintaining dialogues, shared decision-making, interagency communication, ability to seek agreements on data sharing E
Experience in decision making, risk assessment, prioritisation E
Verbal and written communication skills, ability to negotiate, able to create relationships and respect boundaries E
Openness to learning, prepared to develop skills E
Good at managing tensions and contradictory demands, good time and stress management skills E
Already working in local NHS or adult services D (could be a returner etc)
Knowledge of local dementia and older people’s & carers’ services D
Capable of system-building, networking and increasing efficiency within services D
Skills in empowering PWD & carers to identify and solve problems D
Able to vary involvement according to PWD’s and carers’ needs D
  1. Applicants for the case-manager roles in CARE-DEM should have the following attributes and skills.