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Table 2 Change in self-defined categories of health behaviour, in the six areas of choice, after completing the four-step counselling procedure

From: The “Health Coaching” programme: a new patient-centred and visually supported approach for health behaviour change in primary care

Target (area of choice)* Improvement by 1-2 categories No change of categories Deterioration by 1-2 categories
Body weight n=106 43% 53% 4%
Physical activity n=75 52% 35% 13%
Eating pattern n=42 49% 46% 5%
Coping with stress n=38 58% 34% 8%
Smoking n=35 60% 37% 3%
Alcohol consumption n=7 57% 43% 0%
Total n=303 50% 43% 7%
  1. *Numbers of targets (areas of choice) relate to data from 231 participants who completed Step 4, which is equivalent to 303 targets (several participants defined more than one target for their personal project). Of all participants completing Step 4 (n=350), data on these Step 4 target ratings were missing in 119 participants, as the visual tool in Step 4 was designed as counselling support and not primarily as data collection tool.