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Table 1 Context of the patient sample

From: Patient perceptions of innovative longitudinal integrated clerkships based in regional, rural and remote primary care: a qualitative study


Patients in sample (Total N = 13)

GP services (in addition to ambulatory primary care)


Regional - RA1*

N = 4

Nil in-patient services due to large range of hospital specialists


Regional major city; non-capital city; 84.5 km south of Sydney; population = 293,782


Rural - RA2*

N = 6

Emergency, obstetric and anaesthetic services


Small rural centre; 282 km west of Sydney; population = 8,200


Remote - RA3*

N = 3

Limited in-patient care by GPs due to resident and visiting hospital specialists


Large remote centre; 1159 km west of Sydney; population = 21,314

  1. *RA Classification: