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Table 3 Barriers and Facilitators

From: Innovation in patient-centered care: lessons from a qualitative study of innovative health care organizations in Washington State

  Health Plans Provider Organizations
Barriers Public Plans or Purchasers Private Plans Multispecialty Groups Independent Practice Association
Insufficient analytic power X X   
Regulatory restrictions X X   
Economic constraints X    
Insufficient creativity   X   
Pay for production   X X  
Insufficient financial capital X   X X
External Inertia X X X X
Internal Inertia X X X X
Insufficient information technology    X  
Insufficient human capital    X X
Data resources X X   
Size X X   
Experience   X   
PPACA   X   
Leadership X X X  
Personnel    X X
Agility/responsiveness    X X
Culture of continuous improvement    X  
Willingness to take risks    X X
  1. * No clear barriers or facilitators emerged from the clinic site interviews.