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Table 2 Strategies and Activities

From: Innovation in patient-centered care: lessons from a qualitative study of innovative health care organizations in Washington State

  Health Plans Provider Organizations Clinics
Strategies and Activities Public Plan or Purchaser Private Plans Multispecialty Groups Independent Practice Association Innovator Site Comparison Site
Information Technology and Management       
Make greater and better use of data X X X X X X
Use electronic medical records      X X
Use e-prescribing      X X
External Environment and Relationships       
Change/influence PPACA regulations   X     
Account for PPACA in planning    X    
Transform organization of health care delivery X X     
Change reimbursement away from fee-for-service X X     
Tailor payment to shape delivery system   X     
Cultivate strategic partnerships    X    
Prepare to become an ACO    X    
Patient-Centeredness and Product Design       
Improve customer service    X    
Engage patients in their health/health care   X X X   
Survey patient experience/satisfaction    X   X X
Improve appropriateness of care X X X    
Improve care coordination    X X X X
Develop value-based benefits   X     
Focus on a specific population X     X X
eVisits      X X
Experiment with medical home X X X   X  
Work Processes and Tasks       
Use strategic framework for improvement    X    
Centralize some tasks      X X
Advanced scheduling      X X
Expand nurse and mid-level providers' scope of practice    X   X X
RNs lead chronic disease management      X  
Use scribes      X X
Human Resources       
Bolster human resource efforts    X X   
Recruit providers who are a good cultural fit    X    
Recruit within the organization    X    
Engage employees    X   X X
Train physician-leaders    X    
Financial rewards for performance improvement    X