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Table 1 Strategic Goals

From: Innovation in patient-centered care: lessons from a qualitative study of innovative health care organizations in Washington State

  Health Plans Provider Organizations Clinics  
Goals Public Plan or Purchaser Private Plans Multispecialty Groups Independent Practice Association Innovator Site Comparison Site
Survive X X X X X X
Improve quality X X X X X X
Contain costs X X X    
Deliver appropriate care X X     
Improve patient experience/satisfaction   X X X X
Manage chronic disease    X X X X
Respond effectively to PPACA X X     
Comply with PPACA X X     
Build strategic partnerships    X    
Position organization for new competitive environment X    
Increase market share    X    
Achieve high provider/staff satisfaction      X X
Engage and develop employees      X X
Improve access      X X
Enhance care coordination      X X
Create a medical home      X