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Table 2 'CRP values and antibiotic prescription in 'CRP' arm of study'

From: A pilot study of the use of near-patient C-Reactive Protein testing in the treatment of adult respiratory tract infections in one Irish general practice

CRP Value   Immediate Antibiotic prescriptions Delayed antibiotic prescriptions
  n n N
< 20 24 (40%) 4 1
20-50 30 (50%) 8 9
> 50 5 (8%) 5 0
  1. This table demonstrates the CRP values and number of immediate and delayed antibiotic prescriptions among patients in the CRP arm of the study. In the table patients are divided into 3 groups according to CRP level. (Note-1 patient refused a blood test. Percentages are calculated out of 60-the total patient number in this group.)