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Table 2 Models on doctor-patient relation suitable for caring for dying patients

From: The death of a patient: a model for reflection in GP training

Model Context Components
Leget 2007 Spiritual care in palliative medicine; philosophical view Five themes of dying well approached from an inner space:
   1. autonomy and the self
   2. pain control and medical intervention
   3. attachment and relations
   4. life balance and guilt
   5. death and afterlife
Meier 2001 Palliative care Psychological model of doctor's emotions that may affect patient care;
   Description of high risk situations. Goal is self-awareness
Redinbaugh 2001 Palliative care
Viewpoint of occupational medicine
Model for health care professionals coping with grief reactions
Emanuel and Emanuel 1992 Physician-patient relation in general Four models of physician-patient relation characterized by four variables (goal of physician-patient interaction, physician's obligations, role of patient's values, patient autonomy):
      1. paternalistic model
      2. informative model
      3. interpretive model
      4. deliberative model
Steinmetz 1992 Family physician's role in care for the dying; aimed at research and education Three dimensions:
   - care for patient and family
   - self care
   - cooperation with other health care professionals
   Each dimension has three levels in relation to complexity and intimacy of relations.
Spreeuwenberg 1981 General practice;
care for the dying
Norms, values, beliefs of GP as well as patients; fundamental attitude of GPs to dying patients