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Table 1 Corresponding codes in the Dictionary of Consultation Results and the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modifications

From: Gaining insight into benzodiazepine prescribing in General Practice in France: a data-based study

disease Dictionary of consultation result (DCR) International classification of diseases (ICD-10-CM)
Insomnia DCR 742 ICD F51.0
Stress reaction DCR 752 ICD F43.9
Mild depressive DCR 739 ICD F32.0
Depression DCR 727 ICD F32.9
Anxiety DCR 859 ICD F41.9
Hypertension DCR 826 ICD I10
Hyperlipidemia DCR 740 ICD E78.5
Type 2 diabetes DCR 818 ICD E11
Lumbar region pain DCR 850 ICD M54.5
Arthrosis DCR 715 ICD M19.9
Arthropaties/Periarthropathies DCR 828 ICD M25.9