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Table 1 Interview guideline

From: Home visits - central to primary care, tradition or an obligation? A qualitative study

Provocative question Home visits are a core element of general practice. From your point of view: do you agree?
Target group Who is in need of home visits? When? In what situations?
Motivation What is different performing home visits compared to consultations in your practice rooms?
Do you like to do home visits?
How do you feel during home visits?
Organisation How do you organise home visits?
How many home visits do you do per week (or per month)?
How long do they take?
Area of operation?
Accomplishment What does a "typical home visit" look like?
Is there a "typical home visit"?
In your opinion, are there different kinds of home visit and which of them do you perform?
Are home visits sufficiently appreciated?
Alternatives What does the home visit of the future look like to you?
What is your opinion of home visits performed by non-medical personnel?
How do you judge the idea of preventive home visits?
Home visits in nursing homes Do you attend home visits in nursing homes? Why?
How do you perceive the contact to patients, nursing staff and relatives in this setting?
What are the feelings provoked by nursing home visits?
What is the nursing home like you attend to?
Do you have any personal experience of care homes?
How do you imagine your own situation in old age?
Are nursing home visits sufficiently appreciated?
Concluding question What would you suggest to a young colleague concerning (nursing) home visits?