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Table 1 Case definitions for ICPC-2 codes P72, P73 and P98

From: Incident somatic comorbidity after psychosis: results from a retrospective cohort study based on Flemish general practice data

ICD-10 Schizophrenia (P72) Affective Psychosis (P73) Psychosis, NOS (P98)
F20 Schizophrenia   
F21 Schizotypal disorder   
F22 Persistent delusional disorder   
F24 Induced delusional disorder   
F25 Schizoaffective disorder   
F28 Other nonorganic psychotic disorder   
F29 Unspecified nonorganic psychotic disorder   
F30   Manic episode  
F31   Bipolar affective disorder  
F34.0   Cyclothymia  
F23    Acute and transient psychotic disorder
F53.1    Severe mental and behavioural disorder associated with the puerperium