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Table 2 Key questions in the focus groups and the in-depth interviews.

From: An evaluation of family physicians' educational needs and experiences in health promotion and disease prevention in Poland and Lithuania - a qualitative study

The focus groups addressed the following questions: The in-depth interviews addressed questions related to:
1. General question: HP&DP competences indispensable in daily practice 1. The role of FP/GPs in HP&DP
2. Detailed questions about areas of specific competences (clinical, educational, organisational) 2. The most important areas in HP&DP for FP/GP competences
3. Additional questions in each of 9 sub-areas of competences if not discussed by the group 3. The most important (for FP/GPs):
  - clinical competences
  - educational competences
  - organisational competences
  4. The level of competences in specific areas