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Table 2 Interview topics guides

From: Is chronic pelvic pain a comfortable diagnosis for primary care practitioners: a qualitative study

GP Interview Topic Guide Practice Nurse Interview Topic Guide: As for GPs with additional case scenario
• What do you understand by the term chronic pelvic pain (CPP)? Case Scenario:
• What do you think causes women to have CPP? What happens if a woman has had several investigations, seen the GP on a number of occasions, been referred to a gynaecologist and has had a laparoscopy, which was negative, and then she presents to you saying: "They haven't found anything wrong, but I've still got the pain?"
• What has been your experience of women with CPP?  
• What would be your management of women with CPP? Prompts
   Diagnosis/Referral/Negative Findings    • If she wants an explanation for her symptoms where would she go?
• What sort of intervention(s) are there in Primary Care for this patient group?    • How would you explain her negative results to her?
   Own practice/psychological support/Information provision/Other services/Role of practice nurse/Self management    • Would you see this woman again?