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Table 4 Barriers to lifestyle counseling in diabetes care at the patient level

From: Primary care nurses struggle with lifestyle counseling in diabetes care: a qualitative analysis

Categories Knowledge Attitude Skills Compliance
Sub categories 1. Little insight and knowledge
of one's own behavior and health
2. Language barriers
3. Wrong information from the
environment (social influences)
1. Unwillingness
caused by:
    a. Not liking to change or not wanting to change
    b. Age
    c. Previous experience with dietician
2. Excuses
3. Habits
4. Cultural differences
1. Physical restrictions
2. Financial restrictions
3. Location of exercise programs
4. Addiction to smoking
5. Noncompliance with advice
6. Psychosocial troubles
1. Lack of immediate results
2. Difficult moments
3. Potential relapse
4. Lack of discipline
in maintenance