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Table 1 Case-definitions of STIs

From: Trends in sexually transmitted infections in the Netherlands, combining surveillance data from general practices and sexually transmitted infection centers

  LINH (GP network)-ICPC* codes SOAP (STI centers)
  Men Women Men Women
STI-positive episodes     
HIV infection/AIDS B90   HIV-test HIV-test
Non-specific urethritis U72 Not included Symptoms and exclusion of other STI Not included
Syphilis Y70 X70 Syphilis test Syphilis test
Gonorrhea Y71 X71 Gonorrhea test Gonorrhea test
Trichomoniasis Not included X73 Not included Trichomonas test
Herpes genitalis Y72 X90 Symptoms, confirmed by test Symptoms, confirmed by test
Genital warts Y76 X91 Symptoms Symptoms
- main codes‡ Y74, Y99 X84, X85, X74 Chlamydia test Chlamydia test
- sub codes Y99.3 X84.1, X85.1, X74.1   
STI-related episodes     
Fear of HV/AIDS B25 B25 All consultations without one of the above STI-diagnoses
Fear of STI Y25 X23   
  1. * ICPC = International Classification of Primary Care
  2. † SOAP = National Surveillance of STI centers
  3. ‡ Chlamydia defined by main codes combined with prescriptions of antibiotics with following ATC-codes: J01FA10 J01AA02 J01CA04, J01CR02 J01FA01 J01MA01 or J01MA02