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Table 6 Stages in the intervention group:

From: Group motivational intervention in overweight/obese patients in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in the primary healthcare area

A) Pre- contemplation 1. Give the patient plenty of advice 2. Guide the patient in relation to the programme 3. Get commitment through the motivational interview. 4. Evaluate the willingness and motivation to make changes.
B) Contemplation 1. Evaluate willingness and motivation to make the changes 2. Get a realistic commitment through the motivational interview 3. Reach an agreed decision to change behaviour and habits.
C) Preparation for action 1. Create an action plan within the group, adapting this to individual possibilities 2. Invite the family to collaborate.
D) Action 1. Introduce initiation of prevention of relapses during the group sessions. 2. Introduce advice, educational activities about healthy eating habits and smoking. 3. Include reinforcement for achievements.
E) Maintenance 1. Introduce maintenance of prevention of relapses during the group sessions 2. Maintain the reinforcement for the achievements made, highlighting the health benefits.