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Table 3 Measures

From: Group motivational intervention in overweight/obese patients in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in the primary healthcare area

1. Questionnaires
   a. Sociodemographics: age, ethnicity, sex.
   b. Detailed initial medical history; abbreviated interval history focused on eligibility criteria, CVD, smoking status and diabetes mellitus. Inter-current processes: diseases, level of care they have received, start and end of the process.
   c. Concomitant medications:
   d. Quality of life and food assessment through SF questionnaire 36 validated in Spain by Alonso [24]
   e. Dietary survey, 3 day record, (quantitative and qualitative) at the beginning and end of the study [25].
   f. Questionnaire drafted specifically for this study, described in table 4.
2. Physical examination measures
   a. Anthropometric measurements: standing height in centimetres (cm), weight in kg, waist circumference
   b. BP and pulse
3. Laboratory measures
   a. Fasting serum glucose
   b. Fasting lipid panel (Total Cholesterol, HDL-Cholesterol, LDL- Cholesterol)