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Table 1 Timetable of the IMOAP trial

From: Group motivational intervention in overweight/obese patients in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in the primary healthcare area

Phase No. of Months Calendar Dates Trial Activities
1 4 01/07-04/07 Protocol development.
2 8 05/07-12/07 Acceptance to participate of Basic Health Areas.
3 2 01/08-02/08 Distribution and randomisation of the Basic Health Areas into both groups: Intervention/controls.
For those BHA that will visit the intervention groups, training of nursing staff and coordinating
the teams, creating templates and study protocols.
4 30 03/08-09/10 Main trial recruitment and follow-up
5 26 10/10-12-12 Follow-up only
6 4 12/12-04/13 Analysis and reporting