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Table 5

From: Dizziness reported by elderly patients in family practice: prevalence, incidence, and clinical characteristics

Search term - Symptom in Dutch - English translation
1. draai* draaierig giddy/spinning sensation (V)
2. vertig* vertigo vertigo (V)
3. zweve* zweverig giddy (V)
4. collab* collaberen collapsing (P)
5. collap* collaps collapse (P)
6. flauw* flauwte faint feeling (P)
7. licht in licht in het hoofd lightheadedness (P)
8. onwel* onwelwording becoming unwell (P)
9. zwart voor zwart voor de ogen everything turning black (P)
10. evenwicht* evenwichtsstoornis loss of equilibrium (E)
11. onvast* onvast (ter been) instability (E)
12. valnei* valneiging tendency to fall (E)
13. wankel* wankel (ter been) to be unsteady on one's legs (E)
14. dizz* dizzy dizzy (N)
15. duizel* duizeligheid dizziness (N)
  1. *: truncation
  2. V: subtype vertigo; P: subtype presyncope; D: subtype disequilibrium; N: no subtype[11, 25].