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Table 1 Heart 2005 study criteria of metabolic syndrome according to modified National Cholesterol Education Program criteria.

From: Far from easy and accurate - detection of metabolic syndrome by general practitioners

Metabolic syndrome is present when three or more of the five criteria are met.  
1. impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), increased fasting plasma glucose (IFG) or diabetes (DM)  
2. hypertension ≥140/90 mmHg or medication for hypertension  
3. serum triglyceride concentration ≥1.7 mmol/l  
4. reduced serum HDL cholesterol < 1.2 mmol/l for women and < 1.0 mmol/l for men  
5. waist circumference > 88 cm for women and > 102 cm for men.  
  1. HDL, high density lipoprotein.