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Table 2 The semi-structured interview guide covered the following themes and questions

From: It's all about recognition! Qualitative study of the value of interpersonal continuity in general practice

1. Personal information about the patient • Tell me about yourself – age, family, job and illness(es).
  • For how long have you been a patient of this GP?
  • Have you been a patient of other GPs?
2. Description and assessment of the observed consultation • Describe the consultation with the GP, where I was present.
  • What is your assessment of the encounter? Try to find words to describe it.
  • Were you satisfied with the GP?
  • What does it take for you to be satisfied with your GP?
3. Experience with this GP and GPs in general • Do you know this GP?
  • If no: Would you see the same GP again?
  • Do you have a regular GP?
  • How often do you visit your healthcare center?
  • Who do you consult? Your regular GP or an unfamiliar GP?
  • Describe some good experiences at the GP.
  • Describe some bad experiences at the GP.
4. The importance of relational continuity • Is it important to you that your GP knows you?
  • If yes, explain how and when it is important.
5. Comparison between satisfaction with the GP and the health system in general • Do you have any experiences with other areas of the healthcare system?