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Figure 1

From: Web-based guided insulin self-titration in patients with type 2 diabetes: the Di@log study. Design of a cluster randomised controlled trial [TC1316]

Figure 1

Flowchart of the study.

1 The online diary is used for monitoring blood glucose measurements.

2 Feedback consistsof 1. a graphic presentation of the input 2. a dose advice for thenext 2 days or coming period 3. compliments/advice.

3 Alerts are generated when there is a medical urgency: hypoglycaemia (< 2.5 mmol/l) or hyperglycaemia (FBG > 20 mmol/l). When the patient gets an alert (feedback and advice), this is also sent to the GP.

4 Follow up consists of questionnaires and measurements of physical and clinical characteristics (see text: 'outcome assessment').

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