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Table 1 some important questions in the scenario

From: The diagnostic role of gut feelings in general practice A focus group study of the concept and its determinants

• The aim of this study is to collect information on the way you approach the diagnostic process. When you were training to become a doctor, you learned to diagnose patients using systematic frameworks and questions. In actual practice, however, doctors don't always seem to use such a structured approach, as their gut feelings and practical experience also play an important part. We are especially interested in this non-analytical aspect. What comes to mind when you think about the non-analytical aspects of establishing a diagnosis?
• What happens if your gut feelings start to play a part in the diagnostic process? How do you deal with this? Can you indicate what cues or key symptoms trigger your intuition?
• To what extent do you think this is influenced by professional experience?
• (if this has not yet come up in the discussion) What are your feelings about the 'sense of reassurance versus sense of alarm' distinction? Are these concepts useful in your opinion?
• Can you think of a case in which you had a sense of reassurance which turned out to be unjustified?
• We would like to arrive at a description of such gut feelings (sense of reassurance versus sense of alarm). In your opinion, what elements would definitely have to be included in such a description?
• (after the first group) People in the previous group said that gut feelings are a key element in a doctor's professional behaviour. What do you think of that?
• (after two groups) Do you think the concept of gut feelings (distinguishing between a sense of reassurance and a sense of alarm) can be taught to students?
• (after two groups) In terms of gut feelings, do you think there is a difference between male and female GPs?
• (after two groups) The previous sessions have given us the idea that these gut feelings are more than just feelings, as they also depend on knowledge. What is your opinion about this?